Sustainable racing with future in mind.

The aim of Tet Rally Latvia Sustainability Program is to reduce the negative impact on the environment by inviting all parties involved to think about the long-term future, by making responsible decisions and acting sustainable today. 

In order to implement this, it is necessary to be aware of, measure and control the impact of each process and activity on the environment, therefore, the rally organizer will encourage the rally competitors, media, staff, fans, as well as cooperation partners and suppliers to think about environmental protection and sustainability.

Tet Rally Latvia participates in the FIA Environmental Program in order to evaluate and reduce the impact on the environment.

FIA Sustainability Badge

Right choices today – a sustainable future tomorrow

Tet Rally Latvia team is convinced that by making the right choices today, we give a chance for a sustainable future.

Koku ikona

Evaluate your habits and change the world around you!

Tet Rally Liepāja invites you to think about environmental issues not only during the rally, but also in everyday life, as evaluating our daily habits, each of us has the opportunity to reduce our negative impact on the environment.

Every little thing counts

It is easier to achieve the goal when everyone is working towards it. Rome wasn't built in a day either, but by being aware, evaluating and actually doing, we can achieve more to reduce our impact on the environment.

Tet Rally Liepāja calls for
the following activities:

Travel responsibly

Optimize transport, accommodation and travel costs

Do not pollute the environment

Reduce the amount of waste, choose recyclable products, collect waste

Treat others property with respect

The urban environment and local people

Sort waste

where possible, use waste sorting bins, always keep in mind: reduce, reuse, recycle

Reduce the amount of used resources

Reduce the consumption of water, energy, fuel and electricity, waste and printing materials

Be socially responsible

attract employees from local regions, make the event accessible to people with disabilities

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