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Where the special stages of the Tet Rally Latvia will take place?

On the first rally day (Thursday), first super special stage will take place in Biķernieki Track, Rīga. Friday’s special stages are scheduled in Tukums and Talsi regions.

Saturday’s special stages are planned at Tukums region, Dienvidkurzeme region and rally city Liepāja, while last part of Tet Rally Latvia on Sunday are planned at Dienvidkurzeme region.
Find full information about the special stages, as well as an interactive stage map, here:

To successfully plan your rally viewing route, check out the Official Event Programme available here!

Where is it possible to purchase tickets for the Tet Rally Latvia?

Tickets of the Tet Rally Latvia, the round of the FIA World Rally Championship, are available at all Biļešu Paradīze sales points, as well as on the website

Where are the ticket exchange points to swap tickets for wristbands located?

To attend the Tet Rally Latvia stages, it is mandatory to obtain a spectator wristband. Ticket exchange points are conveniently located along the routes to the stages. Find the full list of ticket exchange points here:

Can I collect wristbands for other people at the ticket exchange point if they are not present?

No, every rally spectator must visit the ticket exchange point in person – it is not possible to collect a wristband on behalf of another person!

Where can I find more information about the VIP Guest program?

You will find more information about the VIP Guest program here, where the VIP Guest program guide is also published.

Are there VIP tickets and VIP program available?

Rally spectators who choose to enjoy the rally in a special atmosphere are offered the opportunity to purchase VIP tickets.

Will there be TV screens available at the rally Spectator Zones?

In some spectator zones, large TV screens will be set up for convenient viewing of all rally events. Find more information about Spectator Zones in the Official Event Programme!
Similarly, large TV screens will be set up in each of the rally city Fan Zones – in Rīga, Tukums, Talsi, Kuldīga, and Liepāja. Information about the fan zones can be found here:

Do seniors receive any special pricing or discounts?

Yes, Latvian pensioners are eligible for discounted entrance tickets.

Where can Tet Rally Latvia stage maps be found?

Maps of the special stages can be found on Interactive Map, Stages Overview or Official Event Programme, where you are also able to find information about dedicated Spectator Zones on each special stage.

Do children need to purchase entrance tickets?

If the child is 10 years old or younger on the rally day, they do not need an entrance ticket to access the stages. We offer junior tickets at a discounted rate for individuals aged 11 to 17 (inclusive). If the person is 18 years old on the rally day, an adult ticket is required.

Does a child need a ticket for the VIP zone?

If you plan to visit the VIP Guest zone with a child under 10 years old, please ensure you have both the child's free ticket and an ID to verify their age.

One VIP Guest zone ticket holder is allowed to bring one child under 10 years old with a free child's ticket.

Are there one-day VIP tickets?

Yes, there are one-day VIP rally tickets  and also two-day VIP tickets.

Is it possible to purchase the Official Event Programme in printed form?

Yes, Tet Rally Latvia Official Event Programme will be available for purchase at all Ticket Exchange Points, as well as at the Tourist Information Centres in Tukums, Talsi, Kuldīga, Aizpute and Liepāja.Meanwhile, the digital version of Official Event Programme is available here:

Does the ticket need to be presented in printed form?

No, Tet Rally Latvia encourages visitors to be environmentally friendly by presenting rally entry tickets in electronic format using smartphones.

Should spectators at the Biķernieki track stage consider any additional safety rules?

Yes, during the SSS1 Biķernieki Track stage, spectators should take into account additional safety rules outlined in point 10 of the Attendance Rules.

10.1. For security purposes, visitors to the event may be searched upon entry.
10.2. It is strictly forbidden to bring weapons, explosives, intoxicating substances, or alcohol to the event venue. If any of the mentioned items are found on a visitor, the organizer or its designated persons have the right to confiscate them and expel the visitor from the venue.
Visitors are prohibited from bringing any motorized vehicles, bicycles, skateboards, hoverboards, or scooters to the event venue.
10.3. For safety reasons, it is forbidden to bring baby carriages into the stands.
10.4. Prohibited items brought to the venue (such as professional video equipment, camera and video tripods, drugs and other intoxicating substances, food products, alcoholic beverages, as well as non-alcoholic beverages (the prohibition does not apply to special food and drinks for infants and children up to 3 years old), large objects, and items that may endanger the comfort or safety of other visitors, the organizer, or athletes (weapons, explosives, knives, gas canisters, laser pointers, glass items, metal and wooden flag poles, etc.)) will be confiscated at the entrance.
10.5. Visitors who attend the event and stay at the viewing point "Witch's Cauldron" ("Raganas katls") will be allowed to bring picnic chairs and/or steps.

Where will it be possible to purchase fan merchandise?

Official rally fan merchandise can be purchased at Sportland retail locations located at various rally event venues, including Spectator Zones at the special stages. Find more information about Sportland retail locations in the Official Event Programme and Interactive Map.

How can I contact the Tet Rally Latvia organisers?

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